Photo by Patrick Morarescu

Who is it?

LALI PUNA was started in 1998 by Valerie Trebeljahr in Weilheim – the birthplace of many innovative bands – and their combination of indie song structures with electronic elements was genre-defining. Deep Dream is their first release since 2010’s album Our Inventions and the first song without THE NOTWIST’s Markus Acher who was part of the formation from the beginning.

Why should you listen to it?

Deep Dream consequently continues the band’s political approach to music. It’s more dancefloor-friendly than earlier material but Trebeljahr still shapes the band’s sound with her thoughtful songwriting and fragile singing. The use of surveillance terminology evokes a 1984 mood that is further supported by the robot sound of the vocals and the aesthetics of the video. And by involving ‘the private problem of love’, Deep Dream becomes more complex as it goes on.

What’s next?

On September 8th this year, LALI PUNA’s fifth record Two Windows will be released on legendary Morr Music and we’re already excited to listen to their return in full-length!

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