Lost In Tundra - Press

Let’s face it. Looking at photographs of a person you’re in love but actually can’t be with is always quite a painful experience. But this also offers solid potential for a melancholic piece of 80s wave pop. British newcomer Harrison Cargill, the man behind LOST IN TUNDRA, saw the opportunity and delivered a dreamy piece of synthpop with his latest track Photograph. Melancholia is sensible in his voice while the lush tropical beats unfold their delicate groove in the background. A hypnotizing piece and promise of a potential future for this young guy.

LOST IN TUNDRA will release its debut double-single Tiger/Photograph on 8th December via Rattlepop Records. And who knows what more could happen in the next months. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION will keep its eyes open and you should do the same. Enjoy it right here.