Lyves - Photo by Katherine Needles

Photo by Katherine Needles

As you can imagine NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION sometimes gets lost by the sheer amount of music that greets us in our inboxes on a daily basis. It’s way to tempting to lose track in that big collection of good (and quite often not so good) talent. But every now and then a song comes along that instantly grabs your attention, a tune that sucks you into its world right from the very first seconds.

Shelter by LYVES is such a song and Francesca Bergami, the artist behind it, looks like a great new talent that just really deserves the world’s attention. The young artist of Italian and Australian heritage spreads sweet and sensual soul magic, embedded in a floating electronic environment. Clearly the perfect sound for a cold winter night. LYVES just released a first EP and we recommend you to check out Shelter right now before everybody else does.