Manic Street Preachers - Photo by Alex Lake

Photo by Alex Lake

A remix is always something special as it manages to deconstruct and – hopefully – successful rebuilt the being of a track. And its even more special when it comes with an unexpected musical alliance. Legendary Britrockers MANIC STREET PREACHERS aren’t that much known for fancy club reworks. You can’t say the same for producer EROL ALKAN who is one of techno music’s key figures.

But in the course of the release of their new album Futurology on July the 7th the MANICS are in the mood for new ideas. The album’s first single Europa Geht Durch Mich (‘Europe runs through me’) will be released with two EROL ALKAN reworks. He stripped down the track to a few essential parts, mainly represented by the hypnotic voice of German actress Nina Hoss. Quite and interesting twist and the perfect material for today’s ‘Sound of the Day.’