Marching Church

ICEAGE’s Elias Bender Rønnenfelt has used the name MARCHING CHURCH for various experiments since 2010, but now he’s decided to use the name for a new project. Rønnenfelt has recruited a set of collaborators from the Copenhagen scene to form a band, and now they’ve released the first track, Hungry For Your Love.

Hungry For Your Love opens with a whispered Spanish spoken-word piece, and we have to wait till the two minute mark for Rønnenfelt’s pained voice to appear. What follows is part threat, part confession, part love song driven through a skewed and warped filter. Minimal instrumentation yields attention to Rønnenfelt’s spat feelings. In his description of the project, the singer describes it as ‘eight songs of nocturnal longing, preposterous self-obsession and cockeyed etiquette’, and it does feel like an even more tormented, debauched sequel to ICEAGE’s excellent 2014 album Plowing Into The Field Of Love. And if you enjoyed that record, there’s definitely more to explore here. An eight track album, This World Is Not Enough, by MARCHING CHURCH is out on March 30 on Posh Isolation and Sacred Bones.