Following a surprising Christmas EP back in December beloved British songwriter MARIKA HACKMAN now returns with new music that doesn’t sound like her acclaimed 2015 debut We Slept At Last. The grooving Boyfriend sees the artist heading for more lo-fi/ garage rocking territory as she embraces her inner riot grrl it appears. According to MARIKA HACKMAN the track ‘is payback for all those times I’ve been interrupted mid-snog by some seedy wanker asking to join in…’. A second new song arrives in the form of My Lover Cindy and its very bizarre music video including swortplay and singing bellies.

Boyfriend, My Lover Cindy and a third track named Violet also mark the first music of her second studio album I’m Not Your Man, out on June the 2nd via AMF Records. And according to her statement in the press release we can expect more raw energy on this one as she explains:

‘I wanted to let rip and lose control. That’s the kind of music I’ve always wanted to make. When I was younger I wasn’t looking at Joni Mitchell. I was looking at Nirvana thinking, ‘I wanna be like that!’’

Check out all the details and music from I’m Not Your Man below.

‘I’m Not Your Man’ – Tracklist

01. Boyfriend
02. Good Intentions
03. Gina’s World
04. My Lover Cindy
05. Round We Go
06. Violet
07. Cigarette
08. Time’s Been Reckless
09. Apple Tree
10. So Long
11. Eastbound Train
12. Blahblahblah
13.I’d Rather Be With Them


‘My Lover Cindy’