Maritime - Milwaukee - Official Music Video


Every city deserves its own holiday. Milwaukee, the largest city of Wisconsin, celebrates its very own ‘Milwaukee Day’ today. Why? Because its April 14 and their area code is ‘414.’ Two Million inhabitants are invited to worship their home town and MARITIME mark four of them. The long running indie rock four-piece dedicated its latest single to their city and even if you’re not actually living in Milwaukee or share a personal relationship with its population you might be happy if you are a fan of MARITIME. The song marks their first musical sign of life in four years!

Why Should I Watch This?

Because you can actually feel the love from MARITIME for the people of Milwaukee. Follow the ‘Yeah Milwaukee’-sign as it makes its way through the city, joined by various people. In the end everybody’s celebrating together with the band. The old, the young, the fat and the ones in better shape. It’s like a really lovely tourist promotion clip with the acception that we get a lovely fresh indie-rock tune instead of the usual promo phrases. That’s the honest form of patriotism you can’t really dislike, right?

Anything else?

You can download the song right now via iTunes as well. And the best thing: it is just a first potential teaser from a follow-up record to MARITIME‘s Human Hearts from 2011. A new alhum will arrive this fall. And if you don’t know the band of Davey von Bohlen it’s about time as they constantly released high quality indie-rock records in the past decade, including such highlights like Glass Floor from 2004 or 2006’s We, The Vehicles. Still, they somehow remained a ‘best kept secret’ although we think it’s never too late to change that fact.