We already introduced you to the contemplative world of MARTIN KOHLSTEDT in the wake of his most recent album Nacht. Now, there’s something quite ambitious coming our way: On November 20th, the Nacht Reworks will be released and it’s more than the usual remix album you’re used to get. Artists like CHRISTIAN LÖFFLER, FM BELFAST or HUNDREDS have bravely rethought and -done KOHLSTEDT‘s original pieces for this project. Among those honourable names there’s also one we especially embrace here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. We’re glad to bring you the joint venture of beauty today in form of a very special premiere: Please enjoy below, MARTIN KOHLSTEDT‘s EXA, reworked by the wonderful DOUGLAS DARE.

Given how organically this rework ebbs and flows you can sense that there’s something very natural about the collaboration. Obviously, it felt similar for DOUGLAS DARE: “I was so inspired by Martin’s EXA piece; the dynamic and feel of the piano was perfect in its simplicity, I really felt like it needed very little from me. When something works I feel it’s important to respect that and not change it for the sake of changing it. I ended up letting Martin’s structure and dynamic lead my voice and lyrically and melodically everything fell into place”. And KOHLSTEDT adds: “He created a voice where i am unable to speak. I mean, the song itself is actually two unbend songs standing together, right?”. We couldn’t agree more and wish you the best of times with these precious minutes of EXA. Also check out the dates of MARTIN KOHLSTEDT‘s ongoing tour and take your chance to see him play, f.e. at the upcoming AUDIO INVASION.

Martin Kohlstedt – Live

13.11.2015 – DE – Münster – Petrikirche
14.11.2015 – DE – Leipzig – Gewandhaus
19.11.2015 – CZ – Prag – Palac Akropolis
26.11.2015 – DE – Göttingen – Nörgelbuff
27.11.2015 – DE – Wuppertal – Hutmacher
01.12.2015 – DE – Dresden – Societaetstheater
02.12.2015 – DE – Berlin – Berghain Kantine
03.12.2015 – DK – Kopenhagen – Vega
05.12.2015 – DE – Hamburg – haekken
06.12.2015 – DE – Lüneburg – Mondbasis
08.12.2015 – DE – Darmstadt – Schlosskeller
09.12.2015 – DE – Augsburg – bedroomdisco
10.12.2015 – DE – München – Einstein
11.12.2015 – DE – Nürnberg – Neues Museum
12.12.2015 – DE – Mainz – Schon Schön