Mary Epworth - SeptemberAlthough it’s already October we don’t mind making a song Sound of the Day which is named after the previous month. Basically because September by British singer/songwriter MARY EPWORTH can work in any month and in every season. Pumping drum beats, a certain lo-fi appeal and a charismatic singer – that’s basically all you need to know. The rest is up to the song. And it’s a quite short one, lasting a bit less than two minutes. MARY EPWORTH doesn’t need more time to unfold this little wonder of edgy pop with slices of glam rock in it.

The musician on the content of the track: “It’s about my childhood dread of going back to school, or adult dread of facing boring reality. ‘Drown the job and drink the dream’ could probably be my personal motto, and I never need much encouragement to head into the woods to chase bugs.” Alhough it’s autumn we would love to follow Mrs. EPWORTH into the woods. Join us right here.