Massive AttackBritish trip-hop pioneers MASSIVE ATTACK finally shared new music but in a quite unusual way. The band released their new EP via an interactive app called Fantom. You can download it right here and the product description explains the whole thing in the following way.

The Fantom app is designed for use on iPhone 5s (not the 5c) and upwards.

Fantom features the brand new EP from Massive Attack and lets you play back both the ‘original’ mixes of songs as composed by the band but also dynamically produce your very own ‘personal’ dub mixes.

‘Personal’ mixes reflect your movement and balance, the time of day or night, your location and surroundings (as captured by your device’s camera). Try moving around and pointing your camera and recording the effects as it generates a live mix from your unique set of inputs.

For those of you with Apple Watch, tap the Fantom watch app Heart Rate mode and your heartbeat will vary the harmonic and rhythmic cadences of the songs. Moving your wrist will also create different effects on tracks. If you are stationary then the mix will also reflect this.

Live social media events also trigger interesting sets of mix events. Your individual Fantom audio mix data can be shared with others by sending pictures or video clips of your current mixes to your contacts – in turn their app will open and playback your personalised mix.

Fantom utilises the advanced sensors and Health Kit capabilities of iPhone and Apple Watch. Fantom integrates with the health app.

We’re pretty sure ‘normal’ listeners or Android users will also get the chance to experience the new MASSIVE ATTACK material soon. As Pitchfork reports Fantom featues four new tracks by the band, called Dead Editors, Ritual Spirit, Voodoo in My Blood and Take It There. Although they can’t be heard in full right now, you can still catch parts of the tracks by ‘remixing’ them in real-time. We’ll keep you updated regarding any more news.