Metronomy - I'm Aquarius - SingleBritish indie-pop band METRONOMY is about to return next week with new material in form of the new single I’m Aquarius. The new single is supposed to be the first material from the band’s fourth longplayer and follow-up to the successful 2011 longplayer The English Riviera. The last thing we heard from the band of mastermind Joseph Mount was their contribution to the famous Late Night Tales series. For the release of the new single Mount came up with a new technological idea.

I’m Aquarius will be released on November the 11th via a special app called The Night Sky. Download the app (iPhone and Android) and point it to the sky from 7pm on next week. The app will be able to recognise where you are standing. And it gives information about everything you can see in the night sky. So, perfect for all astronomy lovers. If you point it towards the Aquarius constellation you’ll be abled to listen to the new METRONOMY single. Quite a spectacular idea. We’ll keep ypu updated if it works – in the meantime enjoy a tune from the previous record right here.