Miami Horror - Cellophane - Video


If you danced through the summer of 2015 without the latest MIAMI HORROR longplayer All Possible Futures yet, you definitely need to change that. The second full-length release by the Australian group is a funky and soulful selection of danceable pop anthems that should be part of every pool party playlist during this season. Cellophane (So Cruel) is another proof for that.

Why Should I Watch This?

The Lachlan Dickie-directed music video shows that one simple but crazy idea can carry a full music video if it is done the right way. In the case of MIAMI HORROR it’s about extremely long arms and legs and what pros and cons they would have in real life. After all it’s about life being a giant loop from time to time and the image of the extended body parts connects all these different moments with each other. Besides that it’s a really ridiculous thing to watch.

Anything Else?

If you want more summer flavour don’t hesitate to get some help from MIAMI HORROR as they recently compiled their favourite sunny cruising tunes for NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Check out the special right here and watch Cellophane (So Cruel) right here.