Missincat - Photo by Zoe Vincenti

Photo by Zoe Vincenti

If we look at our office window over here it’s still winter. We can’t change that for the moment so why not make the best out of the situation? Italian born singer/songwriter Caterina Barbieri aka MISSINCAT made the best out of this situation and left her current residency of Berlin to discover the cleaning effect of a trip to nature. Her new video Pirates takes us through snowy woods, onto impressive mountains and right into a mysterious old cabin. In the end we can’t get rid of the thought that she’s looking for something. And whatever it is, it hopefully awaits her on the top of the mountain.

Her forthcoming album Wirewalker (out on February 27) is already her third one. And with a lead single like Pirates on her side things really can’t go wrong in 2015 for Mrs. Barbieri. It’s an instant pop hit in the tradition of artists like FEIST and BOY. Gentle and catchy but never intrusive. And we guarantee you, you’ll sing ‘Rays of blinding sun are leaking through my door’ all day once that irresistible chorus first enters your auditory canals.

MISSINCAT will be also performing at the 2015 Immergut Festival and we’re pretty sure to hear more from the talented lady soon. Until then please welcome Pirates, your new favourite song of the day and maybe even the rest of the week.