Mode Moderne - Press 2014

Greyness everywhere. At least when we look outside the windows of the NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION headquarters today. The clouds are hanging low, fall has finally grabbed us with its relentless claws – perfect time for a bit post-punk, wouldn’t you agree? And when you are done scrolling through our recent list of almost forgotten classics don’t hesitate to jump back into the here and now. Canada’s MODE MODERNE bring the cold classical vibe into a contemporary context. After all, they have an album out which is called Occult Delight. Just if you doubted the seriousness of their ‘goth business.’

Elegant and desperate at the same time, grooving and melancholic. Time’s Up, the band’s latest single, barely needs three minutes to put us right into the perfect mood. MODE MODERNE deliver the perfect ‘Sound of the Day’ on this cold Thursday. So, don’t hesitate and fall for it it right here.