Maifeld Derby 2015

The MAIFELD DERBY in Mannheim, in the south of Germany, is one of the more local festivals in the national scene. But despite its limited size the crew behind it regularly puts up an impressive line up – for the fifth time in a row now already. Today’s latest additions include some of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s long time favourites, like MOGWAI and ARCHIVE, new stars (AURORA) and old heroes (BRAND NEW). But these are just the toppings, as the line up of the MAIFELD DERBY is now almost completed, with further appearances by JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ, ROÍSÍN MURPHY, TWIN SHADOW, FINK, MEW and many many more beloved artists. You can check out the line up in its entirety on the flyer above. The whole party will take place from May 22nd to 24th, for informations and tickets just head over to the official site. We’ll see you on the DERBY then and get you in the mood with a little playlist !