Mothers - Band - 2016

The recently released debut album by Athens, GA-based quartet MOTHERS, called When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired, is already one NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s most loved debut albums of 2016 and now there’s even more reason to love the band. Their freshly released new clip It Hurts Until It Doesn’t is a sweet and intimate tribute to Capser, the cat of singer Kristine Leschper. Unfortunately her beloved companion went missing back in December but this video works as a tribute to him. She explains:

Casper has been missing since the 30th of December, but I still find his hair in my bedsheets. He was as sensitive as I was. When I walked to work in the morning, he would follow until we approached the highway, where I bullied him into turning around. He got into fights with the other cats, never could quite settle down. Last winter in a house without central heat I was doing everything I could to let the depression and anxiety finally win. Hardly more than a vague blur, this footage is the only remaining video I have of my best friend, who was so often the only thing keeping me rooted in reality, feeding me optimism, helping me survive.

Hopefully, her furry friend will show up again. You can enjoy the new MOTHERS clip right here.