Mumford And Sons - Ditmas - Video


By now everybody should have gotten used to the new heavier sound by British supergroup MUMFORD & SONS. This year’s longplayer Wilder Mind saw a surprise but consequent switch from traditional folk-based melodies to a more stadium rock-focussed sound. And Ditmas is one of the record’s strongest tunes.

Why Should I Watch This?

Because it not only features MUMFORD & SONS but also a horse and everybody loves horses. Director Alex Southam was inspired by Ukrainian Cossacks for the clip as he explains: ‘The narrative for Ditmas came about whilst discussing another idea for the band, when the suggestion of a cossacks were mooted. Cossacks are synonymous with incredible horesemanship, so it felt like a natural fit. Our character (Evgeniy) in the video has grown up within a cossack community.’

Anything Else?

The clip really underlines the powerful and uplifting spirit of the video. Southam explains remembers the video shoot outside of Kiev in the following way: ‘Whilst the shoot was pretty brutal and unforgiving – particularly for our hero – we captured something really special.’ Time to fall for MUMFORD & SONS again, right?