Muse Live - Photo by Hans Peter Van Velthov

Photo by Hans Peter Van Velthov

Without any doubt British superstar rockers MUSE are one of the world’s finest live acts and you can convince yourself soon with a brand new concert film by thee trio. Live At The Rome Olympic Stadium captures the energetic gig from Italy this summer. And it’s coming to 20 selected cinemas in 20 cities on November the 5th with a proper DVD/ Blu-Ray release following later although this is not confirmed yet. The show will be quite spectacular, that much is for sure, as the band performs big hits and songs from their latest album The 2nd Law. And once again MUSE prove to be innovative since this will be the first concert film that was produced in 4K Ultra High Definition. Sharp as Matt Bellamy’s riffs, probably. Watch a trailer for this event right here.