Nadine Shah - Fast Food - Artwork

British singer/songwriter NADINE SHAH has detailed her second studio album. Fast Food is the name of the follow-up to 2013’s Love Your Dum and Mad and it is set for a release on April the 6th via Apollo Records, featuring the previously released single Stealing Cars. You can see the artwork above and the tracklist below as well as a trailer for the new album.

In a press release for Fast Food NADINE SHAH explains the album’s lyrical content: ‘My favourite love stories are the unconventional ones. The ones that aren’t like rom-coms because those aren’t the real stories, that’s not how it actually happens. For years I had this romanticised ideal of what love would be. I thought it would be perfect and that I would always be someone’s first love but as you get older, people have been in love before. That’s a large part of what Fast Food is about, the sudden realisation that you’re never going to be anybody’s first love ever again.’

Fast Food’ – Tracklist:

01. Fast Food
02. Fool
03. Matador
04. Divided
05. Nothing Else To Do
06. Stealing Cars
07. Washed Up
08. The Gin One
09. Big Hands
10. Living

Get a first glimpse of the record right here.