Last year, for the first time in its short history, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION stepped on the breaks and decided to have a creative summer break for a few months. And guess what: Yes, we’re doing it again in 2017. Last year’s experience was healthy for various reasons: it gave us time to breath, to reorganize things, question the idea of this website and ultimately return with new energy in the end. That’s the romantic side of it, the harsher more pragmatic one is that we simply need time for other economically more effective projects from time to time. You know, something that pays the rent and all that staff. We spare you from a long lecture about the economic struggles of running an independent digital media these days… it can be tough, to say the least.

So, Starting from the July 1st on, we’re slowing things a bit more down on the website. No news coverage, no daily tunes for a while, no reviews and less features in general. Don’t worry, this won’t be a total radio silence, just a reduction of content. We’ll be active on Spotify, regularly updating our playlists there, tweeting on Twitter about news while showing passionate photography and sunny season impressions on Instagram. And something might also happen on Facebook, just not every day. Ain’t that the worst thing that could happen? We think it’s important to step away from your digital device every once in a while to get a fresh perspective, regain your sanity and do something of profound nature. There are important things than the World Wide Web.

How about …

  • Enjoying the sunshine and Mother Nature a bit more in the summer of 2017?
  • Starting reading a good book or buying yourself an old-fashioned vinyl record?
  • Using the time to reconnect with your loved ones, old friends and family in a non-digital way?
  • Falling in love (again) with an almost forgotten piece of music (like an old record you haven’t heard in ages)?
  • Doing something good to your community and people close to you

Well, these are just a few ideas. Aside from that the summer is packed with brilliant new releases by artists like HAIM, GRIZZLY BEAR, THE WAR ON DRUGS, ARCADE FIRE, THE NATIONAL, LANA DEL REY and so on. And don’t forget about all the summer festivals. Yes, we’ll be there too at a few ones and let you know about it. The music will continue to play and enrich our all lives and as long as this happens, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION will obviously also be right here, covering the good stuff. We might slowly and subtly changing the look a bit and it might take a moment; just to let you know. But since we prefer clarity over speculation we’d just like to give you the heads up about the reduced content that’s about to follow.

In the meantime please keep your love for good music alive, support young artists, spread the word and don’t forget to check our frequently updated playlists for all different sorts of occasions. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s summer mixtap just got a really smooth updated with a lot of new tracks from the fields of dreamy indie, electronic tenderness and soulful songwriting. Just the right sound for the upcoming hot and sunny days.

It’s been a rough year, so please have a great summer.

You deserve this. See you on the other side.

Yours faithfully,
Norman on behalf of the NBHAP-team