American experimental pop group DIRTY PROJECTORS has been teasing a potential follow-up to their 2012 LP Swing Lo Magellan for quite a while now. Following the release of Keep Your Name last September and the tender track Little Bubble earlier in 2017 astermind David Longstreth has now officially announced the new self-titled DIRTY PROJECTORS LP for a release on February 24 via Domino.

Along with the announcement also came Up In Hudson, a new track from it. Now, Longstreth has shared the Noel Paul and Stefan Moore directed video for a fourth song called Cool Your Heart, a collaboration with R&B singer D∆WN. The track was also co-written with SOLANGE with who Longstreth worked on her critically acclaimed A Seat At The Table LP last year. You can listen to all previously released tracks from the album below the artwork and tracklist. We can still highly recommend the Little Bubble video, directed by Adam Newport-Berra and Longstreth as the clip ‘explores the metaphor of Earth itself as a fragile bubble of life in a cold, dead universe’.

‘Dirty Projectors’ – Tracklist

01. Keep Your Name
02. Death Spiral
03. Up In Hudson
04. Work Together
05. Little Bubble
06. Winner Take Nothing
07. Ascent Through Clouds
08. Cool Your Heart
09. I See You

‘Cool Your Heart (feat. D∆WN)’

‘Up In Hudson’

‘Little Bubble’

‘Keep Your Name’