Haim - Calvin Harris

How about we start the roundup with a little trip to the shiny and obviously still buzzing world of EDM? The HAIM sisters teamed up with superstar CALVIN HARRIS for his latest single Pray To God. And don’t be afraid, it’s a catchy piece of mainstream pop and the music video features the HAIM sisters in a nature setting with wolfs, bears and – of course – on horses. Join them right here.

PAUL WELLER, the unstoppable elder statesman of British rock, reports back with a new album this spring. Saturn Patterns will be released on May 11 via Warner Music. And according to the man himself he’s very satisfied with the result. ‘I think it’s one of the best things I’ve done… and it’s been a pleasure doing it,’ he states in a press release. Convince yourself right here if that’s true by watching his new video for White Sky below.

Breaking news. MORRISSEY hates something and is not afraid to speak out loud. In this case the next victim of his infamous rants are the forthcoming Brit Awards. On his fanpage True To You he made his opinion clear and stated what we already knew. Yes, it’s dominated by mass media and big labels with true artists being left out in the rain. 1300 words of obvious wisdom. Maybe he’s just a bit sad for not getting nominated in the first place?

That could be a dream collaboration for all lovers of British guitar music. CARL BARAT (with whom we just did an epic interview) is really interested in having NOEL GALLAGHER on board for the job of the 2015 LIBERTINES comeback album. He told the NME: ‘I’d love to work with him. He’s hilarious, but he has such clarity of vision as well. That’s something THE LIBERTINES could certainly use.’ An e-mail exchange was originally planned but it looks like Mr. GALLAGHER got different plans anyway. He responded: ‘With the best will in the world, I’m on tour and I can’t do it. I would genuinely love to be involved but they’re going to do it in Thailand and I can’t be in Thailand.’ Would have been too good to be true, right?

Adam Brainbridge aka KINDNESS gets sexy and sensual again. The charismatic performer reworked Some Things Never Seem to Work by SOLANGE and managed to give the R&B tune a sort-of-spooky twist. Listen right here.

Well, what an interesting joint venture do we have here. Almighty disco legend GIROGIO MORODER and the godfather of bass-dropping, SKRILLEX are working together on the soundtrack for a new Tron video game. At least that’s what Mr. MORODER told Clash. Just sit down for a minute, relax and think for yourself how this will sound in the end. It’s kind of hard to imagine right, but we’re looking forward to it.

Norwegian dreampop artist Ellen A. W. Sunde aka SEA CHANGE unfolded a new track of her forthcoming debut album Breakage (Out on February 23). It’s called We Run and you should not miss it.

KANYE WEST… oh, Yeezy, we still have problems figuring you out. First he attempted to steal a Grammy from BECK on Sunday, now he honestly apologized and stated: ‘Obviously BECK is one of the most respected artists, and respects artistry.’ At least, that’s what he told Ryan Seacrest on the radio. He added: ‘There’s nothing that I will want to do as a fellow musician to disrespect him in any way.’ Okay, looks like he’s changing his mind way too often. At least he’s thinking about a collaboration with TAYLOR SWIFT. Well, at least for now.

The new DAN DEACON album, Gliss Riffer, is almost there, coming on February 25. And just to get his fans even more excited the man from Baltimore shares another teaser from it. Enjoy Learning To Relax right here.

The crafted BRAIDS are back with a new album soon. Deep in the Iris, the band’s third album, will be released on April the 27th, featuring nine new tracks. Don’t miss our interview with the likely band from 2013. And even more important – don’t miss their stunning new single Miniskirt which can be streamed right here.