Want to take a trip around the world in just five minutes? Swiss guitarist Blind Boy De Vita has got you. His debut release will take you from African drum circle style percussion, to campfire folk and back. The musician behind the name is Glauco Cataldo, a man as tall as his voice is strong. ‘Hold The Knight’ is powerful and eclectic. Singing in a soaring baritone, the vocals on the track draw the attention. At times a quiet whisper at others a violent howl, the emotive voice projects the feelings of the artist perfectly. Incorporating influences from South African Zulu styles, as well as, North African Trance music, the single is multi-layered with heavy tribal percussion. Like a cathartic séance, the singer strokes and beats the guitar strings until their vibrations can almost be felt through the speakers.

The backbone of this psychedelic folk gem is made up of the steely ring of the acoustic guitar. Beginning in a stripped back manner, man and guitar harmonize in solace until the electric screeches of the acoustic’s wilder cousin break the intimate bond. The electrifying intensity of the two styles of guitars in conversation is enhanced by the singer’s chanted vocals. Between fury and tenderness, Blind Boy De Vita sings of the struggles with self-sabotage of a medieval knight who keeps finding himself fighting the battles of other people. Here is what the singer says about his music:

“Loving me is hard to do, when I come forth like I ought to.“
‘My observation: In our hemisphere there is a tendency to mince words and approach people with this kind of sentimental suppression, almost. You wanna say that someone upsets, or delights you, but somehow a short clear reaction seldom occurs to you. I wish to say things and act in a certain way: direct, colourful and militant. Ideally, that’s how I wanna be. Sure, it’s not always applicable but, generally speaking, Si!. It’s about not compromising and being truthful to my own type of weird and about boldness, which also translates to my own way of making music and expressing myself.’

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