Night Sports Press Photo

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is well aware of the irony that today’s ‘sound of the day’ comes from an artist called NIGHT SPORTS. But his latest single Youthquake is just no music for a nightly setting. It’s music for a sunny day on the beach, for drinks with little umbrellas, cruising with your yacht, finding yourself in an episode of Miami Vice. You know, all this fancy stuff. Copenhagen-based producer and singer Caspar Bock creates music in the here and now while clearly having the 80s in the back of his head.

You might call it whatever you like – it’s just too damn catchy. His recently released track Substance already got our attention but Youthquake is even better. A promising new pop act to watch out for. Convince yourself right here of NIGHT SPORTS, no matter if you got a cocktail in your head or not.