Photo by John Crawford

Photo by John Crawford

Exactly one year ago Trent Reznor tweeted that 2016 will see the arrival of new NINE INCH NAILS material as well as some other stuff. Turns out that a lot that other stuff (a lot of fascinating soundtrack work) came first before the beloved industrial rockers could return. The new EP Not The Actual Events arrives digitally and in self-released form today. It was produced with the help of longtime movie score buddy Atticus Ross and accoridng to the official release Reznor dscribes the EP with the following words:

‘It’s an unfriendly, fairly impenetrable record that we needed to make. It’s an EP because that ended up being the proper length to tell that story.’

It’s the first new NINE INCH NAILS release since 2013’s Hesitation Marks. On top of it, Reznor also announced a deluxe re-release of the band’s 1999 album classic The Fragile, including the original album, as well as 37 instrumental, alternate, and unreleased versions of the album’s songs. More ‘Definitive Editions’ of the band’s music might arrive throughout 2017. Check their official page for all details.

Watch the video for Burning Bright (Field on Fire) right here, purchase the new EP in digital and physical form right here and stream the entire beauty below.