Noel Gallagher 2014

It took NOEL GALLAGHER four years between his first and second solo album but it looks like he’s not interested in having such a big gap again. As the charismatic Mancuian now told the Rolling Stone he’s already back at work to record a follow-up to last year’s Chasing Yesterday which might hopefully arrive in 2017.

‘I’m in the studio at the minute. I’m in the middle of fucking about,’ he confirms. Regarding the sound of the new material GALLAGHER furthermore explains:

‘I’m doing some stuff that, this time in particular, will get really, properly ignored in America. I don’t just mean ignored like the rest of ’em. I mean properly ignored. That’s what I’m aiming for: total, total anonymity. I’m sick and tired of being in New York and being pestered by one person a month. That’s gotta fucking stop’

The new album by the British songwriter will also be inspired by the late DAVID BOWIE and regarding his 2016 he replies with that amount of natural self-esteem you’ve come to love from this lad: ‘I remain fucking totally awesome. In 2016, I’m as awesome as I was in the back end of 2015. My hair is impeccable; it’s not showing any signs of thinning, at all. I’m fuckin’ thriving. Thriving!’ Nothing more to add here.