Nothing But… The Sound of Summer 2013  - Cover- 2013

Nothing But… The Sound of Summer 2013
– Tracklist –

01. TRAILS AND WAYS – Como Te Vas
02. YIP DECEIVER – For All The Haters
03. SAMEBLOD – Norwegian Summer
04. NEØV – Daydream City
05. JUST HANDSHAKES – Bright Lights
06. DEVON SPROULE & MIKE O’NEILL – You Can’t Help It
07. FIGHT THE BEAR – Fall Apart
08. THE EMBASSY – Everything I Ever Wanted
09. TROPICS – Home And Consonance (Sau Poler Remix)
10. SCARLET CHIVES – Bigger Than The Tall
12. CFCF – Camera
14. SLOW EARTH – Identify

Against all the prejudices you might have about melancholia and darkness. Sometimes all of us also like to get rid of all the heaviness and stress to just enjoy the easiness of a bright and beautiful summer day. That’s what the new free-download sampler is about. Nothing But… The Sound of Summer 2013 compiles 14 of tracks from all different kind of genres that you stream and download for free from now on.

While the previous samplers were all quite genre-focussed – the recent post-rock and electropop compilation – this time the result is more diversified, free from certain boundaries. It’s basically music for lazy summer days – partly laid back, partly joyful and energetic but always very lightly. Like a warm summer breeze at a nearby lake, a green forest or a park. But of course there is a certain degree of melancholia within these songs as well. That’s the way you should enjoy these moments of bliss in the summer sun – no matter if you’re with friends or on your own. It doesn’t matter – what matters is the music.

The selected tunes provide an atmospheric soundtrack to the summer of 2013. From danceable wave pop moments with bands like YIP DECEIVER or THE EMBASSY to smooth electronica by TROPICS or MAPS. And even the tender singer-songwriter moments find their space with talented newcomers like JUST HANDSHAKES or DEVON SPROULE. Dance to the latino-influenced melodies of California’s TRAILS AND WAYS and dream away to the melancholic dreampop of SCARLET CHIVES.

With this free compilation NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION introduces you to great musicians. Download Nothing But… The Sound Of Summer 2013 for free. This is the sound of this year’s summer. And even more: this is your summer. Enjoy!

Sampler-Artwork by Aorta Loves You