PacificUV - Funny GirlSometimes the night is not a frightened monster that reaches out for us with it’s cold claws, big teeth and impending loneliness. Sometimes a night is also here to embrace you with exact the characteristics that might scare you first. The beauty of darkness is often comparable to the beauty of melancholy. And sometimes this go hand in hand with a beautiful song.

Funny Girl by American dreampop band PACIFIC UV is exactly such a song. A beautiful pop melody on the outisde that goes hand in hand with tender instrumentation. Synhtie-pop at its best, basicly. But there is also a dark undertone to it, a certain melancholia, a joyful hymn to the night – and an ode to exactly this “funny girl in a funny world.” And it actually doesn’t matter if you are a funny boy or girl. It helps to get you through the next hours – so enjoy NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s choice for tonight’s sound of the night right here.