Paul Banks - Photo by Helena Christensen

Photo by Helena Christensen

Now this is a collaboration that clearly comes as a surprise. As legendary WU-TANG CLAN member RZA now told Rolling Stone Magazine in an interview he’s been recording material with PAUL BANKS, frontman of new wave band INTERPOL. The two recently worked together on material as RZA reports. His statement on the musical joint venture: “My manager came to me and said, ‘Who do you want to do an album with?’ I said, ‘Well, Paul just has an energy about him. I think if we put our sandwich together it will be great.’ Me and Paul, we play chess together and just hang out. We went to the studio and we started writing songs and they sound very, very different than what I do, but very unique and very peculiar.”

It might take a while before we can listen to the results of the session as RZA says, details are still missing. BANKS is also currently recording the fifth album with his band. He’s known for being a long time hip hop fan and he also released a mixtape featuring tracks from that genre. Listen to it below again while we’re waiting for new material.