Peaches - Close Up - Video


Basically, Kim Gordon is outrageously, almost illegally cool. While most musicians her age are dragging their bones around on nostalgia tours in search of whatever cash they can wring out of their dying careers, Gordon is in experimentalist art-noise duo BODY/HEAD and released her fascinating memoir Girl In A Band in February. Now, just to prove how far she is ahead of the game, she’s popped up on PEACHES‘ new track Close Up, and its video.

Why Should I Watch This?

The video itself is one of the most wonderfully warped things to be released this year. PEACHES bribes a chain-vaping Gordon into becoming her wrestling coach. After a brief training montage, they take to the ring, where chaos ensures (interrupted only Gordon’s frustration when her vaper temporarily breaks). It’s essentially exactly the kind of boundary-pushing oddness you would expect from PEACHES, and it’s fun to watch Gordon embracing the manic strangeness of it all.

Anything Else?

Close Up is taken from PEACHES‘ new album, Rub, which is out on September 25th, and will also feature a collaboration with FEIST. We previously already enjoyed the psychedelic Light In Places clip which is basically on the same level of awesomeness.