Peaches - Light In Places


Whenever Merrill Beth Nisker aka PEACHES is involved you got to be sure that it gets explicit, extroverted and a bit sexy. Well, after all it was the Canadian artist who once claimed that it’s best to just ‘fuck the pain away.’ Now she’s about to return with a new album called Rub and a first music video off the album for the song Light In Places. And that clip surely doesn’t need to hide from her previous videography

Why Should I Watch This?

‘I got light in places you didn’t know it could shine’ is the key line in the new PEACHES single and it might explain why she got UK performance aerialist Empress Stah on board who recently became known for her pioneering ‘laser butt plug show.’ Wait, what? Yes, so the clip might start like a normal trapeze performance but quite soon there’s a giant friggin’ laser literally shooting out of her behind. We guarantee you: that’s the weirdest music video you’ll see all week. And it brilliantly works together with the pumping tune.

Anything Else?

No, we don’t actually know where you can buy that sort of equipment. Please forward your requests directly to Mr. Stah. Rub, the new PEACHES record, arrives on September 25th and will also feature more traditional collaborations with artists like FEIST and Kim Gorden, formely of SONIC YOUTH.