Peluché - Photo by Jack Taylor Gotch

Photo by Jack Taylor Gotch

PELUCHÉ are a relatively new band. Trio of South Londoners (Amy, Rhapsody and Sophie) have been together for a year. Their early demos gained attention of Oli Bayston (aka. BOXED IN) who then proceeded to record band’s first single Ohio, a funky song with pop harmonies and indie bassline. Early in 2015, London-based trio released their second single Sin, a lovely mix of dub and jazz which was also named ‘Video Of The Day’ back then on NBHAP. The band’s third and latest single The Guy With The Gammy Eye features psychedelic and dreamy vibes at the same time.

The Guy With The Gammy Eye is also a good example to observe band’s ability to blend different genres in their recordings so comfortably; and thanks to this natural gift, PELUCHÉ have potential to grow bigger with every release. The new single is set for a release on Monday, the 10th of August.