Peter Lyons - 2015

Somehow we can’t seem to get enough of tender songwriters unfolding their soulful voices on gentle electronic beats. JAMES BLAKE to SOHN had quite an impact on a whole generation of musicians, it seems. From CHET FAKER to SOHN. And it looks like the wave isn’t about to slow down anytime soon. London-based artist PETER LYONS is the next artist to join the line. And with a track like the epic Leave Me on his side it looks like he will make his own impact in the industry soon-

Some of you might remember him from being 50 percent of singer/songwriter duo PETER & KERRY. Leave Me takes a different direction and unfolds a fragile but soulful ballad over a smooth beat, surrounded by wonderful strings. Big emotions in one small song. PETER LYONS deserves your attention and you can convince yourself of his talent right here.