Polica - Chain My Name

Polica – Chain My Name

Always wondered what Channy Leaneagh’s gorgeous vocals would sound like on a funky eighties electro beat? So have we. As of this moment, though, I’m happy to say our wondering days are officially over, as that sound is exactly what American indie pop-rockers POLIÇA bring to the table with their new song Chain My Name.

The second single of the new album Shulamith, which is available for pre-order as of August 22nd, sounds promising to say the least. Those of you who remember the first single Tiff, and the shocking nature of the video that accompanied it, will agree that this new song is surprisingly cheerful. What is more, this is exactly the type of song that will make you open all your windows, and crank up your amplifier volume way too loud. Let the sunrays in, and send waves of loud groovy notes in return. And don’t even think about not-dancing in the process. Never mind the rest of the world. As the band puts it on Form, my favorite single from the previous album Give You the Ghost, “It’s a brand new day and I’m sorry.” In our book, a song that brings about this kind of “joie de vivre” deserves a NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION “Sound of the Day” nomination. Now go. Try it out. Ignore the neighbors. Thank us later.