Porcelain Raft - The Way OutAlthough The Way Out, the brand new music video by Mauro Remiddi aka PORCELAIN RAFT, is actually quite dark there’s something about that sound that is quite bright. So, with a dark clip and its easy floating music we welcome his latest single as NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION’s sound of the day. The spheric piece is taken from the highly anticipated second PORCELAIN RAFT record which will be released on August the 20th and goes by the name Permanent Signal.

The sound is as dreamy as the material from his debut album. Music for the in-between. Psychedelic pop for your daily dosis of escapism. That’s at least one aspect of how you could see it. Director Michael Lawrence took a different road, setting the scenario of a stripper who has to face a way too direct costumer. Experience it right here.