Photo by Nora Cederin

Who is it?

Swedish newcomers DELAGOON want to create a punk version of dream pop, that is as depressive as it is danceable. And on their website they say they also got the best haircuts in Stockholm which alone should cause enough excitement, right?

Why should you listen to it?

The fashionable four-piece just released its new EP called New Sensation which is packed with a haunting mixture of dark-wave-infected indie rock sounds, dreamy 80s references and quite haunting melodies. It sounds as if ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN somehow ended up in Sweden. Highly recommendable material for all fans of the genre and probably also a really good live experience, we can assume.

What’s next?

Now that the EP is out, it’s time to bring the haunting DELAGOON magic to the people, right? The band will be performing at the beloved Midsommar Festival in Berlin next Friday, right next to such beloved artists like SHITKID, ADNA and BLONDAGE. Get your tickets and all information you need right here.

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