Pow Wow Open AirIf you like classy open air dance events, smooth electronic beats and lovely locations and if you happen to be around the area of East German city Leipzig in late June we have something for you – The POW WOW Open Air 2013 on June 23rd at Täubchenthal. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION presents the first actual event on this new location in the West of Leipzig – a city that proved to be one of Germany’s most vital and cultural open minded places to be. The Täubchenthal (there isn’t really a translation for that specific German word, sorry) is a new place for all fans of music and culture and it invites people from all parts of the country to explore it. A couple of open air events this summer mark the starting point of this new location, more concerts coming once the summer has gone.

But, luckily enough, this isn’t the case yet which gives us and you more time to celebrate with the POW WOW event. Starting at 10 am in the morning, ending at 10 pm in the evening – a whole day of electronic music from all parts of the country – including big players as TIEFSCHWARZ and AKA AKA feat. THALSTROEM. Get in the right mood for some sunny grooves – this is the full line-up and a lovely little trailer:

– Pan-Pot
– Tiefschwarz (Ali DJ-Set)
– Monkey Safari
– AKA AKA feat. Thalstroem
– Fabian Reichelt feat. Raycoux Jr.
– Norman Weber
– Sven Tasnadi