Everyone who’s followed KESHA’s story through the last couple of years knows that the singer has been through hell. But this is not about her past, but her presence. Still, the recent events surrounding the artist lead to a more concentrated reading of her words and a more focused listening of her sound. No other than KESHA herself is probably aware of this fact. Today the singer made a musical comeback and shows us that in moments of absolute darkness and anxiety, the only person who reaches out a hand for help is yourself. So we need to read and listen, even when it’s not easy – because truth can hurt.

Praying hits on the most vulnerable part inside everyone who has ever felt betrayed, hurt and ashamed. A song which reminds of times when you felt small, worthless and unloved. Completely alone. You are waiting for the moment to see light again, to stand up and simply function again. But how?

The answer lays in forgiveness. To forgive those who made you feel small, worthless and unloved. They might just not know that their actions hurt so much, but in the end it’s up to you to allow them to drag you down. The only thing left to do is moving on, on your own, and hoping that one day, no matter when, all of them will get inside their minds that it’s so much better to be kind, respectful and good.

‘I hope you’re somewhere praying, hope your soul is changing’ – a message to remind us not to be mad, sad or angry when awful words come out of someone’s mouth. When their actions burn your soul. Anger leads to hatred, hatred leads to destruction. Always have, always will. It has been written, shared and hashtagged so many times, everyday, but it must be heard: spread love, no hate. Even if it means to accept one’s attempt to act correctly but it causes pain for yourself. Hope they will get wiser. Better. In the end we are all human and no one is perfect.

You can reach out your hand for help, but you’ll never know if it will be accepted or not. Someone might just slap it away, turn around and leave. That’s ok. You offered kindness, sometimes rejection is the price you have to pay for that. One’s company – part of Andy Warhol’s famous quote, is taken to another level in Praying. When you’ve made it through on your own, nothing can stop you.

Hope, pray – not for you, but for them.

KESHA’s third album Rainbow will be out August 11th.