Photo by Tim Boddy

Glasgow-based songwriter C DUNCAN might be one of Britain’s best kept hidden treasures when it comes to new music. On the other hand, his 2015 debut album Architect was nominated for the Mercury Prize, so that was already a huge step out of the underground. A follow-up called The Midnight Sun was released via FatCat Records last fall and today, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is doing its job to fire up the buzz by premiering the man’s brand new music video Like You Do.

The Helen Plumb-directed clip keeps things simple and focusses on the delicate presence of Christopher Duncan. Here’s what the director has to say about her work:

‘The lyrics in ‘Like You Do’ are very powerful and intimate and we wanted the video to be simple enough that C Duncan could tell the story himself. We distorted the image throughout the video to convey uncertainty and confusion and captured his image in short bursts to represent the feeling of being stuck in a loop.

Having recently seen the young man supporting British alternative institution ELBOW we can confirm that the sound of C DUNCAN is indeed as dreamy and hypnotic as Like You Do implies. Combined with his tender vocal performance the Glaswegian artist unfolds a soft and sweet atmosphere that feels as if somebody gave late 70s West Coast soft rock a lovely contemporay update. Just listen to those beautiful harmonies. There’s just something really captivating about this sound. As you can see, we find it difficult to name the fascination so we’d better let you hit the ‘Play’ button right here.