Just who the hell is DÖDEN? The Malmö-based producer has been content to limit his biography to just a few crumbs of stray info, such as the fact that he has ‘against his will, and without any know-how, been playing indie pop and hating it for many years now’. In addition to that fact, he has been ‘parallel to his boredness […] doing electronic music by himself’. The most recent example of that music is the Döden EP, released this March, and we’re very happy to have the chance to premiere the video for the lead single from that EP, The Streets Moved Like Snakes, for you today on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.

The Streets Moved Like Snakes is a slice of house music that blends darkness and paranoia with melody, and it’s got a video to match those vibes. Filmed in Malmö and directed by Olle Enqvist, the camera tracks a shadowy figure (DÖDEN? who knows) as they wander through the city’s nightscape. Shadowy and cold, while also capturing the heartbeat of after-dusk urban life, it’s a perfect complement for the song. The Döden EP is out now on Adrian Recordings, and you can catch the video below.