The melancholic darkness of FINS Dreamer is perfectly captured in the visually beauty of the video. Flicking between recording studios shots, vague nature scenes and the band living an everyday life, it creates a narrative. The record is an aural snapshot for the German band. Each track is both vocally and musically strong with an added normality to it. The record has a undercurrent of dark serenity. It is melancholic and bittersweet. A perfect sound for the winter evenings.

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is extremely happy to bring you the exclusive premiere of the band’s latest clip. The video is dark, the shots do not feature much stark light, and this is what gives it the atmospheric beauty. This serene beauty is mirrored in the sound. Foreboding yet smooth, the entire track is like a walk through the forest. Perfectly captured on film. The general idea for the video may seem risky, given it’s been done many times before, but there’s an added freshness to FINS take on it. It captures the beauty of the everyday and the unique strength in their sound.

Dreamer is the titular track from FINS‘ new LP due to be released 29th January via From A Mountain Record. It’s up for a free download on Soundcloud as well. Grab it there and watch it here: