With the release of his third solo record How Will Our Hero Get Out Of This One, the acclaimed pianist and keyboard player is proving once again, that he has shaken the ties of being a background musician. Critically underrated German songwriter Andi Fins conitnues to let his musical and lyrical skill shine on this brand new single called Stan’s Copycat. The track turned out to be an upbeat indie pop ballad. With silky synthesiser tunes Andi Fins creates a dreamy and relaxed feel, while the folky fingerpicking pushes the track towards some swooning 70s soft rock. The heartfelt lyrics describe the struggles of moving on from an important relationship and trying to get over it. ‘Two lost strangers out on a Monday night’ find themselves vibeing a lot less than this song.

Andi Fins compositional skill does deserve great loads of respect. Yet, it are the poetic lyrics that do make this song find their way into the listener’s heart. Shifting between melancholic emotiveness and hopeful optimism along the record, Stan’s Copycat cannot take sides either. The upbeat and playful melody and the lyrics describing the aches of love with just the right amount of humour, make it hard to decide whether this is a song to cry or laugh to. But, no matter on which playlist the song finally ends up, it is a great fit for either or. ‘You sounded better in writing than talking face to face’ might be true for our little hero in the lyrics but exactly this witty charm makes the song irresistible. Enjoy this sweet little tune right here.