Puro Instinct - Photo by Mark Squires

Photo by Mark Squires

The problem with really catchy pop music is that it is so goddam hard to resist it once it’s done properly. Piper and Sky from California aka PURO INSTINCT could easily become the next big mainstream-conquering pop girl duo but we actually don’t mind that after enjoying their latest single W.Y.L. Expect dreamy and hopelessly irresistible power pop that sounds a bit as if KYLIE MINOGUE would have teamed up with her fellow Australian countrymen EMPIRE OF THE SUN.

It’s hard to resist, quite tempting and the perfect soundtrack to get you through this sunny summer day. And we don’t actually care about lyrics like ‘I just want to say I love you/ I just want to say I need you’ in this special case. Well, sometimes you just gotta fall for it, right? Fall in love with the PURO INSTINCT ladies right here.