R.A.B.B.I.I. (which stands for Revolutions Are Best Before Initial Inception, by the way) are a Swedish synth duo comprised of vocalist Johanna Berglund and producer Felix Persson, who put out a single called Why Can’t I Be You last year. Berglund is an alumnus of the Swedish music academy Rytmus, which also educated some of the biggest names in Swedish pop like TOVE LO and ICONA POP. Now they’ve returned with new single Hang Us High.

Why Can’t I Be You was a piece of GRIMES-ey glitch-pop, but Hang Us High is quite a departure from that. There’s a little hint of THE KNIFE in Hang Us High, in the beats, the vocal effects and the sense of nervous tension and strain in the track. Persson’s dark synths set the mood while Bergund’s voice competes for attention with digitised howls in the chorus. The song is moody synthpop, a sharp combination of melody and angst. Hang Us High is out now, and R.A.B.B.I.I. are planning to release an EP in the second half of 2015.