Radical Faces - Holy Brances - VideoAre you afraid of ghosts? Well, we’re not really but you can’t never tell for sure. It might also depend on their behaviour and their intentions. In the case of the new RADICAL FACE music video Holy Branches the intention could be a good one. In the clip for NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s sound of the night today Ben Cooper gets a surprise visit by some mysterious figures. They wake him up in the middle of the night to show him … well, we don’t want to spoil it it yet. You have to see it for yourself

RADICAL FACE is the alter ego of songwriter Cooper who you might know from ELECTRIC PRESIDENT. He recently released The Branches, the second part from his ambitious album trilogy The Family Tree. And with the help of friends and family Cooper created a lovely music video for Holy Branches, shot in his hometown Jacksonville. These are the sort of tender sounds we really need tonight. And hopefully you too.