Ratatat - Abrasive - Video


Next month, on July the 17th, funky disco experimentalists RATATAT will release its first studio album in five years. And while their last work has been a bit more arty the new album Magnifique is heading for a catchier direction, combining guitars with grooving beats. Abrasive is the second teaser, following the previously released Cream on Cream. And it surely doesn’t disappoint.

Why Should I Watch This?

Because RATATAT‘s own E.VAX put so much love in the production of the clip. Abrasive features over 4000 hand drawn illustrations by the man, some were even produced in the studio while the band was recording the new record. Produced by Perfect Branch the clip features various sketched people dancing to the track’s beat, creating a quite hypnotic feeling.

Anything Else?

Not just the video is dominated by the love for details. Abrasive itself is one of the densest song RATATAT has ever recorded. It sometimes reaches as many as 30-layered guitars with each playing a different part. Kind of fascinating to see that they still work in perfect harmony with each other. Magnifique and will be out on July 17th via Because Music/XL Recordings.

Alternative video link right here.