Reptile Youth - 2015

‘You know you gotta leave me time after time’ – No, we don’t give an assumption to whom the first lines of the REPTILE YOUTH comeback single might be dedicated but let’s say it this way: it’s easy to assume that Mads Damsgaard had his former band mate Esben Valløe at least a bit in mind when he wrote Away although that conclusion could be too simple and obvious to fall for it. Still, Away marks a fresh start in the musical progress of the Danish band. With Valløe leaving to become ANTONIO GRAM (did you already watch the lovely music video for Demons?) Damsgaard had to rearrange the idea of REPTILE YOUTH. He already got his friends Mads Tunebjerg (KASHMIR), Rasmus Littauer () und Mads Berglund (BROKE) as support on the forthcoming EP by the same name, out on June the 8th.

And even in terms of the sound Away redefines the idea of REPTILE YOUTH. It moves away from the cryptic darkness of last year’s album Rivers That Run For A Sea That Is Gone and surprises the listener with a hypnotic tropical feeling that’s perfect for the spring time. It feels liberated and determined so we’re pretty sure that this isn’t the end of REPTILE YOUTH yet.