Hot Chip

British indietronic heroes HOT CHIP have launched the official campaign to promote their forthcoming new album. The band posted a mysterious link which leads to an abstract little video and a robot voice saying ‘Why Make Sense?’ Well, currently it doesn’t but we’re pretty sure that the follow-up to 2012’s In Our Heads is close.

No, we didn’t forget about the Grammys although we don’t really care about it either. Congrats go out to SAM SMITH who won four Awards, including ‘Record Of The Year’ for Stay With Me. ST. VINCENT won ‘Best Alternative Album’ (beating ARCADE FIRE and ALT-J) while APHEX TWIN received an award for the ‘Best Electronic Album.’ And clearly, nobody expected BECK to score ‘Album of the Year’, right? Especially KANYE WEST

NOEL GALLAGHER is in disco mood. The charismatic Britpop overlord premiered an epic rework of his latest single Ballad Of The Mighty I, produced by Erol Alkan and Richard Norris aka BEYOND THE WIZARD’S SLEEVE. The result is psychedelic disco pop at its best. Listen to it right here.

The rumours are true and the forthcoming new MUSE album will be indeed called Drones. At least that’s what American illustrator, photographer and director Matt Mahurin confirmed via a blog post since he’s taking care of the band’s visual appearance for the new album. Well, we are ready to start with the excitement, anyway.

Last autumn there have been rumours that Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo, one half of DAFT PUNK, is preparing his first solo record. Although this part has never been officially confirmed we’s now at least returning with music for a new film called Gates Of The Sun. The French robot is taking care of a few musical moments on the soundtrack by using his old alias LE KNIGHT CLUB.

British post-punk legends GANG OF FOUR shared a new music video off their forthcoming new record What Happens Next. England’s In My Bones features THE KILLS’ Alison Mosshart on guest vocals which totally makes sense on the new album as guitarist Andy Gill is the only remaining original member of the group. So expect more guests on the new album as well.

Norwegian singer SUSANNE SUNDFØR delivers a shiny disco update of her latest single Delirious. No other than the almighty 00s dance music hero RICHARD X delivers the update and added an extra dose of pop to the original. The new album by the lovely lady with the distinctive voice, Ten Love Songs, arrives on February 16.

ÓLAFUR ARNALDS loves Chopin. Well, not that we are surprised about the taste of the neo-classical hero but now he’s about to take his love on the next level. Together with German-Japanese pianist Alice Sara Ott the acclaimed composer will release The Chopin Project on March the 20th via Deutsche Grammophon/ Universal. The goal is ambitious: a new interpretation of the music by Frédéric Chopin. Something for today with a clear nod to the music’s origins. Sounds interesting – you can already listen to a first track right here.

Since the forthcoming LAURA MARLING album (out on March 23rd) is called Short Movie it makes total sense that the charismatic British artist presents new music to us in form of … well, a short movie. Woman Driver is its name, Chris Perkel directed it and you can watch it right here.

Fail of the day. Are KRAFTWERK even playing live? Well, in the face of their precisely drafted new 3D show (which we recently also witnessed) you can get the idea. And now FAZE got the proof in form of a tiny screenshot from the band’s recent gig in Amsterdam. The video below (around 5:28min) also see one member scrolling through his apps via the gig. Looks like the almighty German heroes are bored of their own show, right?