Roxanne de BastionWhat about a silent riot to start the day? Berlin-based singer songwriter ROXANNE DE BASTION calls the music she makes ‘Riot Grrrl Folk’. She has no plan B, she already decided to dedicate her life to music when she was a little kid. Simple and effective – a guitar, a voice, a heart and an opinion is everything DE BASTION needs. And that’s why her song Red And White Blood Cells is our sound of the day.

A simple song it is, her magnificent voice matching with fuzzy lo-fi guitars. Well, that might be the ‘Riot Grrrl’ aspect in her musical definition. But her attitude and spirit seem to carry the song through it’s short 2-minute long duration. And there is no need for this one to last even longer. ROXANNE DE BASTION is a talent to look out for, her debut album is called The Real Thing and will be out on April the 18th. And we wouldn’t be surprised if her music might take us through more than just one day.