Röyksopp 2014As you might know Norwegian electropop duo RÖYKSOPP is about to release its final studio album The Inevitable End on November the 10th. Today, Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland share a new track from it in form of the dark and frantic You Know I Have To Go, a collaboration with Jamie McDermott, singer of the British band THE IRREPRESSIBLES. In a recent statement the band once more insisted that the album won’t mark the end of the band but that they are planning to release music in a different way in the future.

RÖYKSOPP on You Know I Have To Go: ‘The attraction and the doubt; the dilemma as whether to succumb to one’s feelings or not. The sheer length of the track is meant to illustrate the prolonging internal struggle between reason and lust.’ You can stream the entire piece right now over at theinevitableend.com.